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As governments strengthen environmental policies, set climate goals, and fund developments in clean energy and technology, organizations that stay abreast of new changes will have the most successful impact and growth. But policies vary widely across the country, reflecting different state or regional priorities, and that's where we come in. Diane Cherry Consulting serves as your guide through the rapidly changing environment and energy landscape.

We analyze policy proposals around legislation, economic incentives, and market changes; author whitepapers; organize convenings to facilitate dialogue, and; develop best practices so that you can meet renewable energy, climate, environmental justice, and other related goals. 

Current Projects:

  • Serving as a consultant to the Institute for Emerging Issues for their program of work on energy infrastructure. Work includes white papers, engagement strategy, and convenings in preparation for the 2025 Emerging Issues Forum

  • Working with clients to estimate and report their greenhouse gas emissions

  • Planning and moderating webinars to educate local government and stakeholders about energy and environmental challenges and solutions

  • Advising Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune on electric vehicle infrastructure options as they begin grid tied EV charging


Past Projects:

  • Guided a serial entrepreneur on the investment opportunities in the clean energy economy

  • Worked with the Québec Government Office in Atlanta to produce a market analysis of North Carolina’s clean energy sectors, matching opportunities in energy efficiency, built environment, energy storage and renewable energy, transportation, water, and waste with the strengths of Québec's clean energy businesses

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"Diane Cherry was a great subcontractor partner for our carbon neutrality work with the City of Durham. She is enthusiastic, proactive and results oriented. Her knowledge of the North Carolina legislative arena and understanding of local government operations were invaluable to the project."

We regularly update our blog with policy insights and current events. Click below to learn more:





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