Where We Work

Diane Cherry Consulting has a diverse client portfolio working across a variety of different sectors.

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Local Government

We work with local governments to analyze current strategies around sustainability and renewable energy. Our scope of work includes:


  • facilitating stakeholder engagement

  • developing educational tools to help government officials, managers, and residents better understand the current environmental and energy landscape

  • designing and executing policy and resource assessments

  • identifying action items and funding strategies

  • developing potential solutions and implementation strategies for sustainable growth

  • producing tailored reports to assist with sustainable development and meeting clean energy targets


Clean Energy Businesses

We work with a variety of clean energy business associations and clean energy developers to support their growth and engagement within the field.

Our portfolio includes:


  • Composing newsletters, blogs, and press releases to share company news and participation/perspectives surrounding current events

  • Developing social media content and strategy to reach stakeholders and potential members/customers

  • Researching and compiling informational and policy reports to strengthen organizational development efficacy


Clean Energy & Consumer Advocates

We provide services to a variety of advocacy groups, from prominent environmental and clean energy non-profits, to energy-related consumer protection advocates. This work includes:


  • Composing blogs and press releases to share organizational perspectives, engagement with current events, and internal updates with stakeholders and potential members/constituents

  • Researching and compiling informational and policy reports to strengthen organizational outreach efficacy

  • Facilitating and developing events and training materials for organizational education


Higher Education

We work with higher education research centers and departments to support and develop the clean energy transformation as a non-partisan issue. Higher education serves as a bridge from research to application in the broader world, and we foster this by:


  • Facilitating and planning conferences, clean energy programming, and other events

  • Connecting universities and research centers with key contacts and garnering sponsorships for enhanced programming efficacy



We work with the military and military businesses to help develop enhanced energy strategy for U.S. military bases. Assistance includes:


  • Researching initiatives to determine deficiencies and vulnerabilities in current military energy systems

  • Supporting research-based policy development and project execution to strengthen energy resilience on military bases

  • Helping the military understand and engage with federal, state, and local energy-related regulatory and policy environments